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24/08/17          Man vs weight.

Check out Manvsweight.com for some great training concepts, methodologies and principles. Find them on facebook or the web at the same address. A couple of great platforms also now sharing content from my site and facebook pages. definately worth a look and suitable for all.



01/08/17.     Busy, Busy.


Its been a manic few weeks with lots going on behind the scenes.

I am no longer delivering sessions at Yard Yoga. It was a great experience, a lovely venue and some lovely people. I hope the class continues to grow and all connected continue to develop. John Clutterbuck of Mind/Body is a fantastic guy and great at what he does.


The Kickfit class at The Results Happen Fitness Hub will be back on towards the end of the year. Watch this space or Facebook for details closer to the time.


1-2-1 Sessions are now extremely booked up with the availability for only two more clients in the next 3 month period. (6am-6pm)


Some availability for 'out of hours' training is available. These sessions are premium priced sessions and cover the hours of 7 to 8 pm only. Premium Sessions at the Results Happen Fitness Hub are available 7 - 8pm. Mobile sessions 7 - 8pm. Please see the prices page for further details.


14/06/17.         Social Media


Checkout the social media platforms for daily news and updates, offers and promotions.

Facebook - lee1walker personal training

Twitter - @lee1walker

Instagram - @ldw811

10/06/17.         Yard Yoga

The group in Forest row is going well with lots of people trying the session. Simple and effective. A whole body workout using functional training techniques and every exercise scaled to an individuals ability.

Designed to assist with Yoga practices promoting hypertrophy and muscular control.

10/06/17.        Kickfit

The new kickfit class is due to start on Monday. It's FREE to all for the first 4 weeks. Get your name down and reserve your place as spaces are limited.

A fun circuit based session using kickboxing training techniques to provide a new and engaging way of training. Lots of fun and as hard as you make it. Each session also includes the teaching of basic kickboxing routines and delivery of pad work to all.


23/08/16 - Now at Redhill! Venue #1 Come down, swell the numbers!!

Taking over the cv elements of the boxing circuits at Like2box/ Redhill ABA in Redhill, Surrey. Starting Tuesday evening. 18.00 - 20.00

Also doing Thursday this week, same times. 

Pad service due to resume shortly!! WATCH THIS SPACE!!

PT's also available in the Redhill area- use of internal facilities at Like2box


23/8/16 - PT's available in East Grinstead.

I now have the use of Energie's gym in East Grinstead; The venue houses a spin-bike suite, pool and small sports hall, they also havet a full range of cv and resistance machines, free weights and aerobic equipment.


23/08/16 New Dumbells for Home Training!!

Super set of brand new, state of the art dumbells. one set but every incriment from 2.5 to 25kg's. The special stands and a reclining weight bench also recieved.



23/08/16 New Work Top

You definately know who it is now!!







24/08/16 Circuit groups

Well the circuits at Redhill ABA's went really well with all participants stating they found the session more challenging, enjoyable and that the stretching routines should really begin to start helping. 2 personal pad sessions also now booked for Saturday!!!


24/08/16. New Venue #2 Energie Fitness Gym, East Grinstead.

As my local gym, I use this place more than most. Ideally located on the high street, free parking and masses to do! Swimming pool, sauna, steamroom, Cv suite, Weights area, small matted area, spin studio, small sports hall/ large studio...even a hairdressers and treatment room. Really friendly and helpful staff.




24/08/16 O2 Arena

Yes thats me...on top of the O2 arena, London.

Not exactly 'me' in person but my twitter details, an old profile pic!!

cant beat free advertising!!

Supporting our Rugby lads. Wearing the rose..




25/08/16 Circuits and Boxing.

Back at Like2box/ Redhill ABA tonight @18.00 - 20.00. Boxing and circuit training. everyone welcome.

Gym prices:

£30 yearly membership + £6 per session (members)

£10 non members per session

under 16 (non members) £5 per session

1-2-1 pad sessions @ £10 for 30 minutes


Come down and join in. All grades catered for and welcome.


25/08/16. Update & New service provision to Hampshire

Another real hot one in the gym last night but everyone worked really hard and pushed themselves. great efforts all round


25/08/16. Hampshires on!!

I can now confirm that I will be in and around Hampshire on Wednesday afternoons and evenings. If you live or work in this region and you want a PT session then please get in touch.


26/08/16. New Venue #3 Fitz Gym, Haywards Heath

Very pleased to announce that I shall be operating out of the Fitz Gym in Haywards Heath (not exclusively) so if this venue is near you and you want a great PT then please feel free to get in touch. Also checkout the new section 'Venues' for more details and pictures on the venues I will be using.




26/08/16 New Venue #4 Forest Gym. Crawley

Great venue with heaps of kit. ideal for anyone in or near the Crawley area. surrounded by a forest and fields, cv training is predominantly done outside. Free parking. Checkout the new section 'Venues' for more information and website details.




09/09/16   Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Lots going on behind the scenes this week!!

New business cards and temporary posters, new clients and a new section on this website!! Checkout the all new Exercise database!!


All videos associated with the new database will be over-written in due course but for now its at least a taster of what i do and what to expect!!


Also  - Like2Box are running a special promotion......... 5 x 1 hour pad sessions for only £100.00. Paid in full, in advance, September only!! Get involved!!


The new web based PT service is making huge strides!!!  With a top chef, a top nutritionist and personal trainers all involved and looking to take the project further!! Watch This Space!!!


10/09/16 Data Upload

The database is coming along. lots of info, especially on a laptop or computer (currently not on mobile devices) with walkthough videos, photos and descriptions.I will be recording new videos and replacing photos in due course but for the moment, I am extremely grateful to Bodybuilding.com and their material provisions. When the new videos go online (mine) they will be accessible on all devices!!


No excuses though.... you have the exercises!!


15/09/16. Keep Checking!

18 new back exercises added to the database! Whether at home, in a gym or outside, a novice, intermediate trainer or expert,  theres an exercise for you! Enjoy and be safe,

Biceps, Triceps and forearms added next!!





18/09/16   Database Exercises Uploaded!!

Right, so its taken a little longer than I'd have hoped but the exercises for the database are now uploaded, all 108 of them!  Videos,exercise definitions, walk throughs and pictures!!!


My next project is to add stretches and  nutrition/ meal suggestion pages, along with pad fitness, technical pads and boxing training videos advertising services.


But the database is FREE !!

Yep, Thats right, to use, it will cost you NOTHING! EVER !

The information presented on these pages give an insight into some of the training methods, techniques and methods I use to help my clients reach their goals.



No liability or responsibility is taken for exercise undertaken without instruction or supervision. The information presented on thsee database pages are for information purposes only and exercise undertaken by individuals or groups are done so at their own risk. Anyone undertaking an exercise regime or increasing their cardiac output should seek medical assurances prior to starting any such activity. 


20/09/16     Venue Update

After much thought and numerous discussions, I can confirm that I will no longer be operating out of Acorn Leisure and Fitness clubs. Whilst a great little venue and lovely staff, performing operational hours in exchange for authority to undertake freelance personal trainer sessions has proved too costly.

With clients being added daily, i need as many available slots as possible! This is a good thing!


20/09/16    Notice To All Clients

All sessions require a minimum of 48 hours booking to gaurentee availability and 24 hours cancellation notice. Session cancellations with no notice (client simply does not turn up) may result in forfeiture of any agreement. This will mean the loss to the client of any fees paid for services (if a client has paid for block bookings this will mean forfeiture of any remaining fees held by the trainer). The simple reason for this is RESPECT. 

We are now all inundated with methods of communication. so there is no excuse to not send a message, email or make a phonecall.

As a freelance personal trainer I incur fees related to providing a premier service for my clients.


23/09/16  Website Completed

Ok, so this website is now up, running and functioning......at last!!

The exercise database now includes 'CV Elements' and the Nutrition pages give a few ideas and recipes to aid training, weight management and a healthy lifestyle. 

please feel free to use to your hearts content.




23/09/16        Get In While You Can

New clients signing up every day!! some slots filled for the next 3 months so get in touch ASAP to secure your sessions.


Current Offer at Like2Box - 5 x 1 hour pad sessions for ONLY £100

Current Offer at Energie Fitness Gyms - 5 x 1 hour pad sessions at ONLY £120



03/10/16                 Like2Box OFFER!!

1-2-1 Sessions @Like2Box are all going really well with new clients being added all of the time!! Everyones making progress whether in boxing, fitness or boxercise activities. Get in touch, get your sessions booked in before its too late!!


There is now an extension to the September offer and it will now be available thoughout October!

Spaces are limited. 5 x pad sessions for £100. Paid in full, up front. Save £25.00 !!





03/10/16                     Energie Fitness

1-2-1's at Energie have begun with lots of interest from potential clients and a class/ group session being delivered as soon as I acquire some more kit (3-4 weeks max).The class will be for 12 individuals of any ability level, age or gender. Boxing pad work with me, the use of boxing equipment and boxing themed exercises will all provide you with a workout that you'll be glad only happens once a week!! 

Keep an eye on here, facebook, Instagram or twitter for more info on new services.


03/10/16                         Expansion

Do you own a gym or fitness facility and want an experienced personal trainer and coach to deliver PT or pad sessions? Get in touch and we'll make it happen!






03/10/16                    Social Media

With all of the accounts now set up, Instagram is now a business page, Facebook has the personal trainer page and twitter still uses my own personal profile.The followers, friends and likes all need work and replacing the 3000 individuals I removed from each platform will take some time so please feel free to share, like, follow or befriend! Thankyou.


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/lee1walker

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/lee.walker.8

                                     Twitter - https://twitter.com/lee1walker

                                     Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ldw811


25/10/16              Busy, Busy, Busy.

So with October drawing to a close, things have not slowed down at all!!

I can now advertise the groups and classes I am delivering -


Monday & Friday.  8-9pm @Like2box - Ladies only class

I initially took these groups as 'cover' as their original coach is due to compete in early November. Clients have requested that I continue so that is now underway.. 

Wednesday 6-7pm & Friday 9.30-10.30 am. Cardio Combat Class @ Energie.

Combat drills with a music background. HITT but fun.


I also still assist with the Tuesday and Thursday Boxing and ABA classes atLike2box and the kids only class at 4.30 every Tuesday afternoon.


Pt's are growing daily with all ability levels being challenged and pushed. All are coming on in leaps and bounds, rebooking and working hard.


I will also be launching a new boxing class @ Energie within 2-3 weeks. it'll be a great class designed to challenge all who try it. Learn a new sport, have fun and get fit. 

Last but by no means least, the social media platforms are now slowly starting to grow again. After deleting 3500 - 5000 people from each account 3 years ago due to injuries and the likelihood of never returning to the industry, i am now actively trying to rebuild my status and profiles. Please like, share and comment away!!


Also checkout the newYOUTUBEchannel for new videos -




15/11/16    New Boxfit Circuit @ Energie

The new boxercise/ boxfit circuits held at Energie every wednesday evening, 6-7pm are doing great! The numbers increase weekly and retention of participants is 100%

Wholebody workout with a boxing theme. pad work, punch bags and body weight exercises.

an hour of fun and hard work but worth the effort!!

A second class for later in the week is currently being discussed but watch this space or keep an eye over on Facebook or Twitter.


30/11/16                      New Reviews added

I have now updated the 'testamonials' page with 5 more recent reviews of my service provision and results.

Some very kind words from all but without their effort none of this would be possible.


01/12/16                       Slight Re-focus

It is with regret but I will not be operating out of Like2box from mid December. Its a great gym with a great atmosphere and crowd but business is business and my efforts are better served elsewhere for the time being. Time will tell if i return and I certainly wouldnt count it out but for now, I wish all the team the greatest of success and we'll catch up soon,

Business is Booming. Long may it continue!!



23/12/16                     Christmas

Wishing everyone a happy holiday. Please contact me directly or check facebook for availability.

Lets hope 2017 is a fantastic year for us all!

more gains and more money!M

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



03/01/17             Happy New Year!

Well January is underway and the excesses of Christmas done for another 12 months. PT's are going well with new clients adding to the ranks. The classes are going from strength to strength with new classes, days and themes on their way!

checkout the new Utube video of the Wednesday Boxfit class - https://youtu.be/SO2xccs48kM



12/01/17                       New Year, New You

New Clients always welcome.

Whatever your goals, whatever your ability, together we will achieve them!

Please contact me via phone, message or email and we'll get your journey started!

Reviews and videos are posted on this site, facebook and my dedicated youtube channel.

Please feel free to take a look, comment and engage.



28/03/17                         Boxfit & New Kit


A new boxfit class on Friday evenings has been launched and is picking up. New kit for the classes include 3 stand up bags and a portable hanging bag. The new kit also includes new Thai pads for my 1-2-1's and a pair of pro-coach sparring gloves for the same.



28/03/17             Weighted circuit class


This group love their session but it may be moving days and times to encourage greater attendance. I have proposed alternatives and solutions to the host gym. Watch this space for further info or check out my facebook page 'lee1walker personal training'.




05/04/17       NEW VENUE CONFIRMED

I am really pleased to announce that I will be operating my 1-2-1 business from the Results Happen, PT Hub in East Grinstead.

Its a great venue in a stunning location offering a first class service to clients. Session fees and services will remain unchanged.


05/04/17         CLASSES

It is with much regret that the BOXFIT and CIRCUIT classes at the Energie Fitness gym in East Grinstead will NO LONGER be facilitated by me. I removed by services and equipment from the establishment earlier this week. Any clients wishing to continue with this training should contact me directly.

New classes and venues are being explored with an exciting new service range to be offered.


29/04/17          Open day @ The Results Happen Fitness Hub

Today I will be delivering a free taster session for a Kickfit class. The class is my own concept incorporating kickboxing themed exercises, technical pad work and bag routines. I have researched the web and can find nothing the same. There are circuit based sessions and those incorporating pad work but none for the novice or fitness trainer.

8 stations of pain and laughtert are planned.






01/05/17              Open day results

The open day at the hub was a resounding success with everyone raving about my new Kickfit class. With a meeting planned for later in the week, a start date is imminent. The class will be on a  first come basis with booking available. Initial impressions suggest the classes will be fully booked and if this turnd out to be true then more classes will be facilitated.

I have also been asked to design and deliver a K1 style kickboxing/ combat course. This is hugely exciting and I hope to be delivering the first of these lessons within weeks.

To enrol on a course or class, please contact me directly or use the venues websites.

Great day and fantastic feedback.

                                              It has also been a great first two weeks operating from the hub with ALL clients loving the                                                     environment and exclusivity.


01/05/17             New to Forest Row - Strength & Body Conditioning.

I am pleased to announce a collaboration with John Clutterbuck of the Mind, body centre, Harley St. We will be delivering a weekly body and mind conditioning class based at Yard Yoga in Forest Row.

It is an exciting concept that we both hope will prove successful and that will benefit all who attend. The group launches on Saturday 6th May at 08.00 am and is aimed at all age and ability levels.

06/05/17           Strength && Body Conditioning Class

This session launched today to a full group. Exercises and activities delivered as a circuit and designed to compliment and assist with Yoga practices. Suitable for all ages, abilities and genders. Each session also features a period for a series of targeted exercises aimed at a  specific and solitary muscle group. The targets will change weekly but the session will always                                             incorporate the circuit elements, stretching and a whole body approach to training.


06/05/17        Kickfit

Kickfit @ The Results Happen Fitness Hub - Starts 5th June. 7 - 8 pm. Weekly.

£7.50 Non members. Booking via The Results Happen website. Limited spaces available so you will need to book to guarentee your place.

Kickboxing circuit group with pads.

06/05/17        4 Week K1 Style Kickboxing Course

K1 Kickboxing Course @ The Results Happen Fitness Hub - Starts 3rd June. 11 - 12. weekly.

A 4 week beginers course designed to cover the basics of stance and body position, striking and kicking, movement and momentum, 

Price TBC

Booking via The Results Happen Fitness Hub website. Restricted places available to ensure appropriate coaching and places will go fast so please book.

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