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Trevor Kent                       26/09/16


Training - Boxing


I have done boxing training with Lee and found him very kn owledgable and hard working to get the best out of you. And you get a nice person in the deal aswell. Good Luck Lee

Oscar Stewart                   29/09/16


Training - Weights, CV, Kickboxing, Boxing


Training with Lee has been an incredible experience. Through his personal approach and target setting, I have been able to achieve far more thanI thought I would. He is inspiring to work with and approaches our sessions with real drive and determination which pushes me to achieve more. I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone                                                           who wants to get fit, get motivated and achieve more.

Chris Hills                  23/10/16


Training - Body building & weight training


I have trained with Lee on a number of different occasions spanning from the last 15 years to fairly recent. I found Lee to be extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of physical exercise and always thoroughly enjoyed being put through the motions. Lee has helped me bulk up in the past with the weights and also played a massive part in my current shredding down workouts. He 'will' and 'has' got the best out of me both with my stamina and strength conditioning and I would highly recommend Lee to anyone wishing to push their own physical boundaries!! Thank you so much,                                          wish you all the best Lee!!

Jane Roberts                   15/11/16


Training - Boxing & Kickboxing


When I first saw lee boxing training a young man in the gym I got really excited and had to have a go. I have now booked my second round of sessions with Lee. I wanted him to train me hard and push me which he dose ever time. But the best thing is I had a bad back from an injury I got over one year ago it would keep me awake at night and since we have started kick boxing it has gone. I would recommend lee 100% great person, great work out and a good laugh �

Lance Perry             15/11/16

Training - Boxing.




Been working with Lee now on a 121 basis since September and at our local boxing gym. We have been training on my boxing skills mainly with speed, movement, balance and of course fitness to improve on cardio. He is very thorough and explains the' Method to the madness' to everything I do.....I like that. Will be booking further 121 sessions in December. Well recommended.

Tony Butcher                 15/11/16


Training - Boxing


Ive Been with lee for 6 sessions now and have felt such an improvement in all areas come away feeling totally pushed to the max...a all round very good personal trainer sees your weaknesses and strengths and plans a routine to improve on them in his own time,money well spent..

Chris Canham                 16/11/16

Training - Boxing & Kickboxing.


Been training with Lee now for a few months and really enjoying the 1to1 sessions. Lee does not just train you hard he looks at all aspects of your fitness levels and knows when to push you to get the max in every session. Only negative is I need to now go shopping for new clothes as nothing fits!

Keri France        05/04/17          


Boxing and Kickboxing Fitness


Boxing with Lee Walker was ‘empowering’. Not only did I gradually lose half a stone within two months of training with him. But his outlook, patience, great teaching and knowledge of the professional sport boosted my confidence. I would unequivocally recommend him to anyone who wants to get box-fit!

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