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As any trainer will or should tell you, training is only 1/3 (one third) of what is required to optimise exercise activities or programmes. Training, Sleep and the Diet are all equally important. Without one, the other two are effected and ultimately your overall health.


As a simple rule - eat little and often. Try to avoid 3 big meals per day and divide into 5 or 6 meals instead. This will enable your body to process and utilise the energy you have provided whilst storing less. 


A good idea is to plan your meals and when possible, prepare in advance.


Drink plenty of water. Ideally between 2 and 4 litres per day depending on activity levels.


If undertaking any training with weights or pads or not training cv fitness until later in the day, eat Breakfast. Not starting the day with a breakfast will impact on your ability to perform daily activities.


Ideally consume some protein post training to aid muscle growth and fibre repair. Amounts depend on body size but an average consumption should be approximately 25-30 grammes per person in any 3 hour period.


If taking suppliments such as weight gains or proteins REMEMBER they are Suppliments and unless stated should not be used as meal replacements.



Dont be too hard on yourself!  We all have foods we like, enjoy or are limited to eating on occassions (meals out, celebrations) and the word here is Moderation.

Enjoy life, Enjoy food, just consider what youre putting in and what you want to achieve.

If youre willing to put the effort into your training and structure your diet, theres absolutly no reason to go without (Unless you are a competitive athlete in which case cheat meals and snacks should be restricted until after performing or post any training schedule)


and remember





Eat To Live NOT Live To Eat.






No liability is accepted in relation to viewers of this website using the menus provided. It is the users responsability to check ingredients, temperatures and all other factors related to the production of said meal prior to consuming it.


All menus supplied by BBC Good Food Guide & Bodybuilding.com.


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