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With thousands of exercises to choose from, knowing what does what and how to do them safely can be a complete minefield. On this page you can find a selection of exercises, demonstrated correctly and adaptable to all ability levels.

Use the sub menu on this page for a full list of exercises using body part/ location as the key.



The exercises I have  listed are also ones my clients love me for!!


Cant find what you are looking for? Want more ideas and guidance? Why not check out www.manvsweight.com for additional support and instruction. A great site and facebook page with activities and exercises suitable for all.


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Muscle Groups






Stomach - Abdominals






Front of Thigh - Quadriceps






Rear of Thigh - Hamstrings






Calves - Gastrocnemius





Bottom - Glutes






Chest - Pectorals






Shoulders - Deltoids






Traps - Trapezius





Lats - Latisimus Dorsai





Middle Back - Lower Trapezius +





Lower Back - Erectus Spinae +





Front Upper Arm - Biceps





Rear Upper Arm - Triceps





Lower Arm - Forearm



No liability or responsibility is taken for exercise undertaken without instruction or supervision. The information presented on thsee database pages are for information purposes only and exercise undertaken by individuals or groups are done so at their own risk. Anyone undertaking an exercise regime or increasing their cardiac output should seek medical assurances prior to starting any such activity. 



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